At NCFASD Informed, we believe that it is crucial that individuals be diagnosed properly and early to create positive outcomes and avoiding adverse consequences.  We firmly believe that this will increase the likelihood of a successful and productive life for those exposed to alcohol in utero.

NCFASD Informed seeks to empower individuals impacted by prenatal exposure to alcohol through raising awareness of FASD among parents, educators, and health professionals, leading to increased evaluation/diagnosis and community support.  This spectrum disorder is not only under diagnosed and misdiagnosed, but also underserved and misserved once it is recognized.

Our programs are presented in physical locations, as well as virtually. Information shared will depend on the request of the sponsor; call to talk about offering training to your colleagues.

Always Available

  •   Listen to any of the 17 episodes of FASD Informed podcast series


Past Workshops

  •  January 2021
    • Overlapping Characteristics NAMI Durham
    • Misdiagnosis or Missing Diagnosis AHEC  (CEUs)December 2020
  • December 2020
    • Interview on Thursdays with NAMI (with special guest, Myles Himmerleich, Change Maker from Vancouver)
  • October - December 2020
    • Quick Bites (8 weekly webinars on aspects of FASD)  Topics
  • September 2020
  • March 2019 
    • FASCETS  3 day intensive training
  • February 2019
    • Challenges and Supports for Children with FASD (Alliance Health)
  • November 2018
    • Challenges and Supports for Children with FASD (Department of Public Education, Exception Children Conference)
  • September 2018
    • Parent Panel, NC Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families
  • June 2018 
    • Introduction to FASD, NC Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families
  • April 2018 
    • Kick off Workshop: Creating Hope through the Neurobehavioral Lens One day workshop



Annual NC Legislative Breakfasts on Mental Health  2021, 2020, 2019


Partnerships with Community Agencies

Share & Care, Cary  2021, 2020  


NCFASD Informed Conference  

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders:  Building Understanding and Coalitions  (CLEs & CEUs) Agenda, 2019